Deep Roots Community Planning Solutions LLC

DeepRoots Community Planning Solutions is a community planning & development company providing plan and development services focused on urban agriculture and sustainability.


We plan for and facilitate the integration of just and sustainable agriculture activities in urban spaces to improve community physical and environmental health, increase diversity in the food production system, while inspiring self-sufficiency through engagement.

We believe agriculture strategies can positively impact the economic, environmental, health, and social benefits of a community & that the overall health of a community is improved by its capacity to create an environment that truly sustains its residents.

Our Team

Our team has a longstanding appreciation and love of the land. With pure passion we bring in practical insight, a deep connection to our natural environment and combined experienced to plan, develop, and maintain urban agricultural projects.

When you choose to work with DeepRoots Community Planning Solutions, you are supporting work to create a just and equitable local food system. We firmly believe that access to healthy food is a right that should be afforded to every human.

Khyle Kelly, Farm Assistant
Sam Hargrove, Farm Assistant
Jasira Jzar, Farm Assistant